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The Magnetic South are a veteran rock collective, who’s loud, jarring industrial tinged sound demands your full listening attention. Comprised of guitarist/vocalist John Sperger, bassist Steve Giles, guitarist Jason Sweeny, and Carlo Ribaux on drums, these battled tested instrumental virtuosos have sprung from the ashes of L.A.’s 90s alternative scene to form a phoenix, specializing in atmospheric hard rock soundscapes, with unexpected twists and turns that reveal new sonic textures and elements through repeated listens. This is encapsulated on their full length debut album “Sea Level.”

The music on the album is heavy, aggressive, and melodic in the tradition of Alice in Chains, with the industrial leanings of Filter, and the sprawling, epic envelope-pushing of Tool. ”Sea Level” is ethereal and experimental, yet muscular and intense- powered by spacey guitars, soaring vocals, driving bass, and a machine like beat.

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