About The Magnetic South

The Magnetic South Band Photo

The Magnetic South are a deeply experimental Los Angeles based hard rock collective, whose aggressive prog sound strives for something more than a casual listening experience. Formed in 2015 by veteran L.A. rockers John Sperger (of the late, lamented power trio Noris) and Steve Giles (3 Penny Needle, The Secret Things) with the goal of provoking listeners and defying typical conventions of the alt-rock genre, the two quickly proved to be kindred musical spirits. Sperger’s atmospheric guitars and soaring vocal melodies served as the perfect match for Giles’ driving bass and knack for writing dense, desolately descriptive lyrics.

The duo would soon be augmented by the equally experienced Jason Sweeny (The Obvious Wish) on lead guitar and the younger Berklee trained Carlo Ribaux, who would provide both live drums, as well as electronic loops and samples that added an industrial tinged flavor to the musical proceedings.The group spent over a year rehearsing, writing, and recording in multiple studios and practice spaces, before emerging with their epic debut album “Sea Level” in September of 2017.

The album, produced by the band and mixed/mastered by Doug Heffernan at Guest Room Studios in L.A. is a fearlessly dynamic exploration of the darkest heart of the human condition. Huge riffs are contrasted with ambient dreamscapes as the narrative progresses through a journey that sees a protagonist tumble from lofty, pristine privilege down into the darkest depths of intense loss and impossible despair.

The band are practitioners of a form of music that is richly layered and equal parts loud and introspective. Their roots lie in grunge, so their sound naturally includes shades of 90s heavyweights like Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Alice In Chains. Their biggest direct influences are heavy progressive rock bands like Porcupine Tree, Tool, and Elder, as well as more intimate, delicate, softer artists like Elliot Smith, The Postal Service, and Death Cab for Cutie. There are industrial elements in the vain of Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, and Filter, accompanied by traces of the stoner rock championed by Kyuss and Sleep, topped off with spacey instrumental passages that recall groups like Explosions in the Sky.

The Magnetic South have found their niche in vast dynamic shifts and the dark empty spaces that lie in between. Their music is packed with unexpected twists and turns that reveal new sonic textures and elements through repeated listens. The band perform live all around the Los Angeles area. They thank their tightnit circle of family and friends for their patience, guidance, love, and support.